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Land of the Free?

Entry 111, on 2005-01-06 at 18:32:33 (Rating 3, Politics)

I read recently that the Patriot Act is already being used to prosecute American citizens who are involved with activities outside any reasonable definition of terrorism.

In one incident a person allegedly shone a laser pointer into the eyes of a pilot flying a Cessna at 3000 feet. The possible consequences are 25 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. Several people have pointed out this is practically impossible, especially since it was supposed to have happened 3 times. The person charged claims he was just playing with the pointer and didn't deliberately cause any harm.

In another case the Patriot Act is being used against a gang member for a murder he is charged with. While I don't support violent gang behavior, I also don't support the authorities using bad law to bypass any legal protection that people might already have.

Well, good old America - the land of the free. What a joke! Bush and his despicable friends have used this so-called war on terror to introduce so many extreme measures that America is scarcely better than the countries they are being protected from. Americans are finally waking up to how they have been deceived. Unfortunately we have Bush for another 4 years now. I just hope not too much damage is done until while he is still in power.


Comment 1 (2) by CC on 2005-02-15 at 23:11:00:

Yes, the damage being done to truth and freedom is sickening.

Must take issue with your statement: " Americans are finally waking up to how they have been deceived." Folks of a progressive persuasion, who constitute at least half of the 48 percent that said no to Bush last November, will tell you they've never been deceived by the Republican spin machine. The other half of the 48 were always skeptical of Bush, and they took a look around and didn't like Iraq, the economy and the overall direction of things and voted for change. As for the other 52 percent, half are true believers who are immune to logic and reality. The other half are just plain idiots. They are not likely to "awaken" any time soon - certainly not before more chickens come home to roost at Chez Bush. Civll liberties is one of the least likely issues to arouse them. Locking up "traitors and dissenters" appeals to many of them. I'm oversimplifying, to be sure.

As for myself, the chickens I fear are the total collapse of the US dollar against Euro, Yen, etc. The day when the US Treasury offers bonds to float the debt and no one buys. The total stratification of US society between the haves and have nots. The conduct of jihad outside the Middle East. I have concern for my grandchildren, as yet unborn.

I am hopeful of a turnaround over the long run. In the meantime, I fear much of the damage being perpetrated will be crippling and very difficult to repair. Actually, my current ray of hope is the the Social Security elimination fraud Bush is pushing. There's a chance enough people can be educated to see the cynical motives behind it - and thereby see the real attitude of the Republicans toward the average American.


Comment 2 (3) by OJB on 2005-02-15 at 23:12:35:

I just got the impression (from the other side of the world, its always hard of course) that more people are seeing Iraq for the folly it really is. I'm not trying to suggest that all Americans are the same, and of course there were a significant number who opposed Bush from the beginning.


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