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Celebrating Death

Entry 1292, on 2011-05-02 at 19:39:37 (Rating 4, News)

Anyone who initiates violent acts against another group or country should expect retaliation and deserves no sympathy if he is the victim of violence too. But it's also unpleasant to see the death of any person treated as a political victory or as a reason for joyous celebration.

If the death of Osama bin Laden is a good thing then the celebrations should be suitably restrained. Political rhetoric, celebrations in the streets, and nationalistic fervour are totally inappropriate. The same Americans celebrating bin Laden's death are repulsed by similar behaviour in Islamic countries. Isn't that a double standard?

Sure the 9/11 attacks were a terrible and unjustifiable action, but were they any worse than American air strikes on civilians in many countries around the world? I can't see the difference except that the Americans are supposed to be our friends.

Practically the death of bin Laden it is irrelevant, in fact it is more likely to cause violence rather than reduce it. Many of the fanatical terrorists will be inspired by the martyrdom of their leader. So this is a symbolic victory for the Americans but maybe it is the same for their enemies.

The celebrations in the street in America are sickening. Is this really the greatest Christian nation in the world? Would Jesus condone the celebration of death this way, even of an enemy? Of course not: what hideous hypocrisy.

I don't want to see terrorism flourish and that's why I think the current military action against terrorists - and any other random group the western powers don't like - isn't the right thing to do. And celebrating anyone's death - even if it's of an immoral and violent enemy - just isn't right.


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