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Major Destruction

Entry 204, on 2005-08-08 at 14:37:08 (Rating 1, Activities)

This weekend we did a major prune of the trees on our property. We have a fairly big section (1440 square meters) with several large gum trees growing on it. We paid someone to take the tops off the trees, but we did some minor work trimming off a few branches, and splitting the bigger branched for firewood.

Hacking things up with a chainsaw has always been a fun activity for me. Its a way to do some real damage without having to put in too much effort. Before you reach the conclusion that I am some sort of axe-wielding maniac, its OK, I am a responsible user and haven't hurt anybody yet!

The other weapon of destruction I was impressed by was the log splitter. Wow, that sucker can really chew up quite significant chunks of wood in very little time. It just wouldn't have been practical to cut the wood up any other way.

Anyway, our section has much more Sun now, which is good because Dunedin's weather has been excellent for the last few weeks, even though its still winter here.


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