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Bull Creek

Entry 26, on 2004-08-22 at 11:08:40 (Rating 1, Travel)

Yesterday we spent most of the day down at a little seaside area called Bull Creek. You get there by driving for half an hour over some fairly rough gravel roads from Milton (Otago, New Zealand) until you arrive at the coast and a collection of about 20 quaint little holiday homes.

I was really surprised at what a pleasant place it was. Its still winter here but it was one of the better days we had for a while. Swimming in the sea wasn't really an option but walking along the beach and exploring the area was.

After the sun set we returned to the house to drink a few fine New Zeland wines and have a traditional New Zealand barbecue dinner of steaks and sausages. Being well away from "civilisation" and meeting up with some old friends there was great - and I got some photos which you can see (along with a brief report on this trip) by using the link.

Link at: http://owen2.otago.ac.nz/owen/XuPersonalO/Otago00.html


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