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The World Didn't End

Entry 289, on 2006-02-23 at 15:38:47 (Rating 4, News)

Last night, a New Zealand TV channel, C4, played the Bloody Mary episode of South Park, and amazingly the world hasn't come to an end! Maybe it wasn't as bad as certain people had thought. I was sure God was going to start smiting selected people as a lesson for mocking the mother of Jesus; but, yet again, he remained conspicuously silent. What's he been doing for the last few thousand years, anyway?

A band of more "enthusiastic" (ie nutty) Catholics protested outside the TV channel's headquarters at the time the program was running. It seemed that they were protesting about a program they hadn't seen, in which case, how did they know that what was in it was so bad?

Of course, I watched the program. I'm sure C4 enjoyed its best audience for years as a result of this publicity. In my opinion it was a witty, if somewhat smutty, satire with a real message about personal accountability and the willingness people have to accept the easy way out - even if it involves believing in miracles. OK, it was rather "edgy" - I particularly liked the way the Pope was portrayed - that was brilliant!

Just to make the evening perfect, after South Park finished C4 screened an excellent documentary about Pink Floyd's classic album, Dark Side of the Moon. If this is the quality of programming they are offering I'll be watching it a lot more, so I say thanks to the rabid Catholics who brought all this to my attention!


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