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The Google

Entry 419, on 2006-11-02 at 14:12:03 (Rating 4, Comments)

How important is it that our leaders are competent in the use of important technologies? How important is it that they are aware of social trends and fashions? How important is it that they have a sensible knowledge of society in general? And how important is it that they are intelligent and coherent?

Well, I don't necessarily know the answers to these questions, but it seems to me that if we have millions of people to choose from as a leader we should be able to find someone with a reasonable general knowledge and a progressive attitude to technology.

I don't like to pick on any one leader in particular, but George Bush does stand out as an example of someone who we might prefer to have better skills and knowledge. The reason I mention this is this transcript from a recent interview when he was asked "I'm curious, have you ever Googled anybody? Do you use Google?". He said...

Occasionally. One of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see that. I forgot the name of the program, but you get the satellite and you can - like, I kind of like to look at the ranch on Google, reminds me of where I want to be sometimes. Yeah, I do it some. I tend not to email or - not only tend not to email, I don't email, because of the different record requests that can happen to a president. I don't want to receive emails because, you know, there's no telling what somebody's email may - it would show up as, you know, a part of some kind of a story, and I wouldn't be able to say, "Well, I didn't read the email." "But I sent it to your address, how can you say you didn't?" So, in other words, I'm very cautious about emailing.

First, this is barely coherent. The sentences don't flow well, its hesitant, and syntactically and semantically untidy. I know its just an interview, but a president should be better than this at public speaking. Not only that, but when you do figure out what he's saying its worrying that he clearly has very few clues about Internet technology. Is this the sort of person who should have the (arguably) most important and powerful job in the world? Sometimes, I really think democracy is a sick joke!


Comment 1 (468) by JD on 2007-03-16 at 12:15:04:

Its easy to make fun of someone when every word he says is recorded and analysed by his opponents. You try being a president and see how far you get before you say something that doesn't quite make sense. You're not being fair!


Comment 2 (470) by OJB on 2007-03-16 at 14:27:08:

I see your point, but there are two factors here which make the case of Bush unacceptable. First, he is in a position of great power and we expect more from him than we do from most other people. Second, this is not an isolated case. He continually demonstrates ignorance in many areas, and often has trouble making clear and cogent speeches.


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