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Sporty Cars

Entry 618, on 2007-10-04 at 20:23:15 (Rating 1, Activities)

I'm currently taking a few days off work and having a short holiday in a neighbouring city, Christchurch. Me and my family drove up yesterday and everything went fine until we reached Christchurch and drove across town to find the motel we are staying at.

As I was crossing a busy intersection another car made an illegal turn in front of me and a minor accident resulted. I managed to brake and steer to the side but not enough to avoid damage to our car (in fact my wife's car, a Subaru Legacy). It is still drivable, but it will need significant repairs which will be a nuisance.

I had a similar incident happen back in Dunedin but I was driving my own car, a Honda Prelude, at the time. That time I avoided a collision by braking and steering hard right. The 'lude handles very nicely and even though I was travelling over the speed limit at the time I avoided a crash.

Now I'm not saying that driving a higher performance car will avoid a collision which will more likely happen with a lesser car but there have been several times when I have avoided a nasty situation because I was driving a "sporty" model car: currently my Honda and before that my Mazda RX7 Turbo. in fact all the collisions I have ever had have been in "lesser" cars.

As I said, I'm not pretending for a minute that this proves anything but it is a useful justification for driving the types of cars I do. Of course we would never fit all our luggage plus the family (two adults, two kids, two dogs) in the 'lude so I suppose I'll just have to risk driving the Subaru a bit more!

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