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A Skyhawk flown by the New Zealand Air Force. Although these are old aircraft, they are fitted with quite modern avionics which bring them up to F-16 standard. The airforce also displayed their C-130 Hercules, Iroquois helicopter and various other aircraft during their display.

The Skyhawk flew at low altitude down the runway at 450 knots then climbed vertically for thousands of meters trailing smoke and releasing flares in all directions. This photograph was taken near the top of the climb, the aircraft can just be seen near the top of the smoke trail.

Skyhawk Specifications

The McDonnell-Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was the smallest operational jet to have ever served with the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers. It was introduced in 1955 and remained in operational service in the U.S. for almost twenty years (N.Z. still uses them! Unfortunately the New Zealand fighter arm has been disbanded so we no longer have any Skyhawks).

The Skyhawk has a length of 39' 4" (12m) and a height of 15' (4.57m). The wingspan is 27' 6" (8.4m) and the wing area is 260 sq ft (24 sq m). The empty weight is 8400 lbs (3810 kg), the gross weight 14875 lbs (6746 kg) and the maximum weight 20000 lbs (9070 kg). Propulsion comes from 1 Wright J65-2-4 engine of 7700 pounds (3492 kgs) thrust giving a maximum speed of 664 mph (1069.00 km/h or 578 knots).

Update: According to a contact with RNZAF, their aircraft have updated Pratt and Whitney J52 P8B engines producing 9300lbs thrust (thanks for the correction).

Use the controller below to hear the Skyhawk.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

The Hercules displayed some of its capabilities, including a "maximum effort" landing used when landing at airstrips where enemy small arms fire is possible. The reversible props allow the aircraft to land on short runways and it can even be used to reverse the aircraft - but only when on the ground!

On display was one of 5 Hercules aircraft in the RNZAF No 40 squadron. The "Herc" is a four engined transport aircraft powered by four Allison T56 turbo-prop engines, each of 4200 shaft horsepower. It has a cruise speed 300 knots and a range of 4700 nautical miles. Maximum payload is 20,400 kg (approx 20 tons).


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