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Air Force Display

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Air Force Display

The New Zealand Air Force displayed several aircraft, including the A-4 SkyHawk jet fighters which did a re-fueling run. When the A-4 made its surprise fast, low run over the runway a Falkland Islands war vet commented he last heard that sound when the Skyhawk was flown by the Argentinean Air Force against the British forces!

As well as the A-4, the RNZAF flew the Iroquois helicopter and the Andover transport aircraft. There was also a spectacular display by the parachute team who trailed smoke from a high altitude jump over the airfield.


The McDonnell-Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was the smallest operational jet to have ever served with the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers. It was introduced in 1955 and remained in operational service in the U.S. for almost twenty years. This very successful jet fighter is still in use in some air forces today.

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This general purpose helicopter has an overall length of 17.37 meters (57 feet), a height of 4.55 meters (14' 11") and a wing (rotor) span of 14.63 meters.

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