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Back from Wanaka

Entry 45, on 2004-07-03 at 23:56:59 (Rating 1, Travel)

I travelled back from Wanaka. One of the reasons I like the Maniototo Road so much is that it is fun to travel on fast! There are never any cops (well, at least I hope not); its mostly flat and straight, except through the Pigroot area where there are lots of fun curves; and there's never much traffic. Its relatively safe to travel quickly here, so I took an hour less to do the trip than I would have at the speed limit.

My Prelude just starts travelling nicely when you travel around 140 kilometers per hour (about 90 mph, the speed limit is 100 kph here) and above, so I really enjoyed this journey. Once I got out to the main road it was hard to slow down again, but the risk of being caught was too much. Oh yes, if you are a cop, this blog entry is totally fictitious, OK?

Link at: ../XuOtherCars/Prelude.html


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