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Business Whining

Entry 51, on 2004-09-10 at 10:24:27 (Rating 3, News)

New Zealand was recently rated at the top of a list of countries for the ease of doing business here, despite the fact we have a center-left government who some groups claim isn't "business friendly".

A national business lobby group, Business New Zealand, has been complaining for years and warning of the dire consequences of some of the policies of our current government. Clearly, their concerns are completely misplaced, but there's no way they will admit it. Even after seeing this report, their spokesman was still on the radio this morning whining about the business environment and wanting it to be even easier.

Well, there are other factors in our society worthy of consideration besides business! This is a new millennium - we need to be aware of environmental, social and economic issues in everything we do. Some people haven't got over the failed economic experiment of the 80s - its about time they did!


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