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Comment by Tom on 2006-09-21 at 12:58:41:

Your information is a bit out of date. All Macs use the Intel processor now, so the speed issue isn't very relevant. Also its possible to run Windows software at full speed. This must make the Mac an even better option, doesn't it?


Comment by Ian A on 2007-01-02 at 08:06:59:

Hmm, I disagree, Microsoft Windows does have its share of security flaws, but this is partially because 95% of the world uses it. With that kind of circulation more people work on finding its holes. Macs could have just as many holes, or worse security. Simply speaking Macs are not popular enough to be exploited. Also, Windows kinda has the networking edge. Thats all I have time for right now, bye guys.


Comment by OJB on 2007-01-02 at 18:25:46:

Its true that the popularity of Windows is a major factor in it being targeted for malware, but that certainly isn't the whole story. There are several design features of Mac OS X which simply make it better. The fact that its based on a real multi-user OS (Unix) is one. Windows is just cobbled together from MSDOS. That makes a big difference. Also, what do you mean by Windows having the networking "edge"? The Internet was built on Unix. Macs do it much better!


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