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Comment by Anonymous on 2007-04-27 at 03:19:31:

Or another angle, if they did go there and after 8 years of planning did someone on the team ever have the notion that people might not believe it a suggest leaving a radio transmitter (or something other than mirrors) for the waiting world? (Separate discussion on how mirrors large enough to be used from earth were left on the moon, when we can't even see the whole moon lander vehicle?)

If you go to GoogleMoon and see the swiss cheese photo then you have to start questioning this whole thing. Come on NASA either come clean or show us the evidence, analysing photos from the 60's is a waste of time, lets see high def modern pics of the alleged moon landing area and everyone can decide for themselves.



Comment by OJB on 2007-04-27 at 15:51:06:

I don't think the problem of whether people would believe they had been there or not was a high priority in planning the missions! How would a radio transmitter have been any more credible than mirrors? Bouncing a laser off a carefully positioned mirror and imaging the lander are two entirely different things. There's nothing particularly strange in that.

Yes, that cheese is suspicious all right. There's obviously a cover up there. Google are involved in the conspiracy by refusing to provide high definition photos and substituting cheese instead! So much for “Don’t Be Evil”!


Comment by Alex on 2011-05-30 at 16:56:02:

The nature of discussing the “Moon Hoax” evidences is that both sides are wrong and right sometimes. It is the whole picture that really counts. (Having sad that I will not attempt to give my view of the whole picture – would be to long - merely one topic.)

NASA images: AS15-87-11695, AS15-87-11696, AS15-87-11697, AS15-87-11698, AS15-87-11699

These images show the CSM (Command Service Module) of Apollo 15. The photos were taken from the LEM (Landing Module or Lunar Excursion Module). The images show the Moon surface in the background.

This could have happened only if the CSM was to land instead of the LEM.
My God, what a mistake!

What we should see is the LEM going toward the surface as on the image:

These images also prove that the fake Apollo images were created by a small group of experts with only a few scientists and engineers checking the images, therefore some mistakes were bound to happen.


Comment by OJB on 2011-05-30 at 22:45:00:

At least one of those photos is from Apollo 10 which didn't even land on the Moon. It was used for testing docking near the Moon. Nothing too mysterious there then. Here's a reference for photo AS15-87-1169: http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/A/Apollo_10.html


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