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Favourite Programs

These pages describe some of my favorite programs (of course they are the Mac versions) and why I like them. The newer programs are the latest software designed for Mac OS X. There is also some obsolete software and some software which has been around a while but has been updated for newer versions of the Mac OS (the last column below indicates which OS the program requires).

- Amadeus II A very useful shareware sound editing program. X
- BBEdit The best text editor ever, no competition. 9,X
- Colin McRae Rally This is a great, realistic rally game for the Mac. X
- Enemy Engaged Fly an Apache or Hokum helicopter in various combat situations. X
- Hornet Fly the awesome F/A-18 Hornet fighter-attack aircraft! 9
- Hornet OIF The latest version of the F/A-18 flight simulator is even better. X
- Intaglio A simple but powerful drawing program for Mac OS X. X
- iTunes The easy, fast, reliable and flexible music player. 9,X
- Myth Great graphics, game-play, and a sense of humour. 9,X
- OmniWeb The full featured web browser for power users. X
- Oni Bungie Software do it again with this cool combat game. 9,X
- Pages Apple's excellent basic word processing program. X
- Panorama The fastest, most quirky database ever. 9,X
- PathFinder The Mac OS X Finder substitute for advanced users. X
- Photoshop Nothing can beat Photoshop as an image editor. 9,X
- Pocket Tanks A simple but addictive artillery game. X
- Racer This is a cool, free, racing game. X
- Rally Shift A fun, realistic rally racing game, only for Mac. X
- Safari Apple's fast, reliable, easy to use, web browser. X
- Starry Night It renders the night sky beautifully, and its a useful tool. 9,X
- Unreal Tournament A game with wicked graphics and excellent game play. 9,X
- Voyager A useful astronomy tool for older computers. 9,X
- Word Perfect A useful word processor for older machines. 9
- Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, the best fantasy wargame. X


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