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QPrint: Update March 2007

This program hasn't been maintained. It runs adequately in the Classic environment on PowerPC-based Macs and on any old Macs running Mac OS 9, but (because of the lack of the Classic environment) it can't be used on the current Intel Macs. Due to the programming environment used its unlikely to ever be updated for new systems. For information on more recent projects look at my project list.

QPrint: Introduction

This program allows the user to create multi-choice questionnaires in two different forms. These can be distributed and the results quickly entered into the system. QPrint then collates and analyses the results to produce a statistical analysis of the questionnaire.

Questions can be chosen from a list of standard questions or entered directly into the questionnaire. Open-ended and special questions can also be included.

The program maintains an "overview" database which keeps track of the documents time of creation and analysis as well as several other factors.

Data can also be exported to other programs and imported from other programs easily.

This is a Macintosh application written in Pascal. It is fast and easy to use, supports all Macs and runs with System This program was developed for, and is in use by, Otago University. It is also currently being used by other Universities.

QPrint: About

QPrint is a Macintosh application designed to create, store, analyse and summarise questionnaires. Because it is a true Macintosh style application written in the efficient computer language Pascal (instead of being a database or spreadsheet document, for instance) QPrint is quick and easy to use and runs in just 512K of memory.

QPrint requires a Mac Plus or above to run, it has been tested extensively on a PowerMac 7200/120, 7200/90, PowerMac 8100/80av, Centris 610, Mac IIci, IIci with cache, IIfx, SE and Plus. A hard disk is recommended but not essential. The program runs under System 6 and System 7 although this version doesn't make use of the full capabilities of System 7. A PowerPC native version is also available which runs in Classic mode on non-Intel Macs running Mac OS X.


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