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WarGames App

Project number: 225 (number in database).
Original project name: WarGames App.
Development type or programming language: Pascal.
Platform designed for/with: Mac.
Year of most recent major modification: 1989.

WarGames was a simple board-based wargaming program I was creating. It was designed for the small, black and white screen of the Mac Plus. I got ot he point where a map could be shown on the screen and objects (battleships, etc) could be moved around. The path they were taking was shown as a series of lines on the screen. Like my other games, this one was never completed but I learnt some useful graphics skills in building it. I still want to build a simple to play wargaming system where stategy and tactics can beat numerically superior forces - maybe some day...

If you need any further information about this project please contact me.


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