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Survey2 Database

Project number: 289 (number in database).
Original project name: Survey2 Database.
Development type or programming language: PHP/MySQL.
Platform designed for/with: Mac.
Year of most recent major modification: 2011.

Survey2 is an advanced web-based survey system. Surveys are specified using a tab-delimited text file with a series of keywords and text used to create the questions, possible answers, and special options.

Types of answer types include free text, numbers, radio buttons, checkboxes, and menus. It is also possible to set up combination questions such as a series of option buttons and one or more free text areas to cover other possibilities.

The system also supports dynamic handling of sections so extra sections of questions can be shown or hidden depending on the response to previous questions. Multiple pages can also be set up with any number of questions per page.

Invitations can be sent using email addresses with embedded links. Participants can be by invite only or anyone and options can be set to allow specific users to review and modify their answers or to lock the answers already entered.

If you need any further information about this project please contact me.


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