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Terminal List

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The items in this list are information and tips for using the Unix command line from the Mac OS X terminal program. Just click on the title to view the tip. If you find any errors or would like to add anything please email me.

- Deleting Files Using the command line to delete files
- Change Process Priority Change the priority (CPU resource given) of a process
- Changing Privileges Changing the privileges, owner and group of files
- Fixing a Hang How to diagnose and fix hangs and slow downs
- Listing Directory Contents Listing the contents of directories and saving them to a text file
- Manual and Help Unix manual and help commands
- Remote Login Connecting to other computers using SSH and controlling them
- Terminate a Process Stop processes on your machine if they are causing problems
- Top Processes Display a list of the top processes on your machine
- Viewing Running Processes Display a list of the programs running on your machine


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