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Some Opinions

The list below will link you to some pages offering my opinions on various topics. I don't know why you would be interested in my opinion in particular, but its really up to you if you want to bother looking! You can email OJB@mac.com if you agree or disagree with this stuff!

- Blog Visit my blog for opinions on almost anything!
- Business Some opinions on big business and business ethics.
- Geek Jokes Some of my favourite science, technology, and computing jokes.
- Humour Some of my favourite jokes and humorous stories.
- Management Some opinions on modern management and managers.
- Microsoft My opinion on Microsoft - and its not too complimentary!
- Moon Hoax Did astronauts really land on the Moon?
- Music Some opinions on my favourite music.
- Politics Opinions on the current state of world politics and economics.
- Programs Some information on my favourite computer programs for the Mac.
- Quotes Some of my favourite quotes.
- Religion A quite substantial section of my opinions on religion.
- Sport Comments about sports I enjoy - watching, not playing!
- UFOs Some opinions on what UFOs probably are - and aren't.
- War in Iraq Why I think this war (and others) is so wrong.


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