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Skepticism is often viewed as a negative philosophy, but I believe that when it is used appropriately is is extremely positive. There are enough amazing things about the world we live in which are supported by real facts, that we don't have to go believing things without good evidence. Have a look in this section for a skeptical view of various topics. Skeptics are always looking for supporting or competing facts so email OJB@mac.com if you have anything to contribute to this section. Alternatively, add a comment using the discuss function.

- Alternative Medicine Herbal medicine, homeopathy, etc. Do they really work?
- Bermuda Triangle Is there really anything mysterious about the Bermuda Triangle?
- Creationism Is the world really 6000 years old, and did Noah really exist?
- Dowsing Does dowsing work, and if it does work how does it work?
- Global Warming Is global warming real or a vast scientific conspiracy?
- God Is there a god, and if there is, what is it like?
- Intelligent Design Is intelligent design real science and should it be taken seriously?
- Moon Earthquake Link Is there a link between the position of the Moon and earthquakes?
- Nostradamus Did his writing really predict the future?
- Science Should we be skeptical of science?
- Shroud of Turin Is the Shroud of Turin genuine?
- Sirius Myth Did the Dogons have advanced knowledge about Sirius?
- Theology So what about theology in the more abstract sense?
- UFOs Are UFOs really visitors from other planets?
- Urban Myths Which urban myths are true and which are false?


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