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The photography Intro contains some general comments and information about photography and discusses how the images in the photo galleries were created. Look in the Misc photograph gallery for some of my favourite pictures of various subjects such as people, places and anything else that would (or wouldn't) stay still long enough for me to hit the shutter button! The Personal section has family photos that are mainly for friends and family. Check out the New Zealand Photograph Gallery for some photos from around the South Island of New Zealand, especially Otago and Nelson where I spend most of my time. As you will see New Zealand is a very scenic country! I have included a few tips on taking better photos in my Tips section. You could also have a look at the spectacular photos from the Wanaka Warbirds Air Shows by going to my aircraft section.

About the Title Image on this Page

The image used in the title of this page is a photo I took when in Sydney, Australia. I like using unusual lighting conditions, especially just after sunset (I don't like getting up too early in the morning, but I guess sunrise would be fairly interesting too). The most important technique to master in these conditions is holding the camera still because I usually don't have a tripod. I can usually find a post or other solid object somewhere and my Canon camera is quite bulky and heavy making this easier! The thing I like about this is the way the light reflects in the water in that unreal way. Like all the photos here no filters, darkroom or electronic tricks were used.

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