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Photography Tips

This section contains a list of tips on how to create better photos using simple techniques for both conventional and digital photos. It also has some information about processing the photos on a computer to prepare them for printing, Internet use, and storage.

- Composition How to improve the composition of your photos.
- Contrast & brightness Using Photoshop to improve contrast and brightness levels.
- Cropping Cropping, rotating and rearranging digital photos.
- Field depth Improving the focus of your photos by changing field depth.
- Framing Creating different looks by using framing.
- Image size What image size and compression setting to use.
- Manual focus How to use manual focus and special focus tricks.
- Modes How to use your camera's different modes.
- Movement How to make the most of moving subjects in your photos.
- Spot metering How to use spot metering to get the best exposure.


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