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Sydney Landmark

I guess its fairly obvious where this was taken. Its part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, of course. I took this photo when I went through Sydney on the way to an Apple Developers' Conference in Australia.

The colour is the most obvious feature, I didn't use any filters or darkroom tricks and I only used Photoshop to match the electronic version to the original print, so the colors are fairly true. The contrast between the red sky and the yellow and greens of the floodlit bridge are spectacular. Red is an exciting, energy filled colour which imparts some of the mood of Sydney.

This was taken on 100 asa film and I used a fairly high f/ratio so the exposure time was quite long. I didn't have a tripod handy so holding the camera still was the most difficult part. In these situations any post, seat or building handy becomes useful as a camera stand!

One other thing about this photo. The Harbour Bridge is perhaps the most photographed object in Sydney but I haven't seen any other pictures framed just like this one. Its a little bit different and (maybe) a bit more interesting than the traditional full length view.

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