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Central Otago has New Zealand's wildest, most spectacular and most varied landscape and climate. The colors or Otago, blue and gold, are well shown in the golden brown tussock and rock and the intense blue skies of summer (Central Otago has the countries coldest temperatures in winter and its hottest in summer). Central (Queenstown and Wanaka are also part of Central) is a great place for photography as well as being a favourite subject for artists, most notably Grahame Sydney. Choose a Central Otago photo to view below...

- Road and Sky The road runs into the distance under the Central Otago sky.
- Plain and Mountains Some late snow on a Central mountain range.
- Stop Near Omakau A stop on the road near Omakau.
- Reflections in Lake Dunstan Reflections in the still water of Lake Dunstan.
- Tussock and Sky Golden tussock and the blue Otago sky.


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