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New Zealand Wine Information

New Zealand wine is gaining a really great reputation world wide now. Some varieties, most notably Sauvignon Blanc, are considered the best in the world. We also have access to many good Australian reds at really reasonable prices. Of course you shouldn't overlook wines from any other country but watch the overall value and quality of some of these imported into New Zealand.

I have been interested in wine for several years now. I've got several books full of wine notes gathered from various tastings, winery visits, etc.

One of my favourite quotes involving wine. While at a wine course the participants seriously discussed their reasons for being there. After much debate from others one person simply said "So that I can sound extremely pretentious when drinking wine next time I go out!". A bit close to the truth for some.

In this document I have presented some information about some of the local wineries in one of the latest and most interesting areas in New Zealand, Central Otago.


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