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List of Vineyards

This list contains all the New Zealand wineries, vineyards and some other wine companies I have been able to find, including web addresses, where available.

Name Region Web Address
Abel Tasman Wines Nelson www.abeltasmanwines.co.nz
Akarangi Wines Hawkes Bay -
Alan McCorkindale Christchurch -
Alana Estate Martinborough www.alana.co.nz
Alexander Vineyard Martinborough Martinborough -
Alexandra Wine Company Alexandra -
Alexandra Boutique Wines Alexandra -
Alexia Wellington -
Allan Scott Wines and Estates Blenheim www.allanscott.com
Alpha Domus Hawkes Bay www.alphadomus.co.nz
Amor-Bendall Wines Gisborne www.amor-bendall.co.nz
Anthony James Wines Alexandra -
Antipodean Farm Matakana -
Arahura Vineyard Papakura -
Artisan Wines Auckland -
Ascension Vineyard Matakana -
Ashwell Vineyards Martinborough -
Askerne Vineyard Hawkes Bay -
Astrolabe Partnership Blenheim -
Ata Rangi Martinborough www.atarangi.co.nz
Babich Wines Auckland www.babichwines.co.nz
Bald Hills Central Otago www.baldhills.co.nz
Bannockburn Heights Central Otago www.bannockburn-heights.co.nz
Beach House Wines Hawkes Bay www.beachhouse.co.nz
Bell Hill Vineyard Christchurch -
Bendemeer Queenstown -
Benfield and Delamare Martinborough -
Bentwood Wines Canterbury -
Beros Estate Auckland -
Bilancia Hastings -
Black Estate Wines Amberley -
Black Ridge Winery Alexandra -
Bladen Marlborough www.bladen.co.nz
Borthwick Estate Gladstone -
Bradshaw Estate Winery Hawkes Bay -
Brajkovich, Ivan Kaikohe -
Brancott Wines Auckland www.montanawines.com
Briar Vale Estate Alexandra -
Brick Bay Wines Auckland -
Brighams Wines Auckland www.winenetwork.co.nz
Brightwater Vineyards Nelson -
Brookfields Vineyards Hawkes Bay -
Buljan Wines Auckland -
Bulmer Harvest Gisborne -
Burnt Spur Martinborough Martinborough www.lintz-estate.co.nz
C J Pask Winery Hawkes Bay www.cjpaskwinery.co.nz
Cabbage Tree Estate Wellington -
Cairnmuir Road Winery Cromwell -
Camana Farm Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Campagna Wines Auckland -
Canadoro Wines Wellington -
Canterbury House Winery North Canterbury www.canterburyhouse.com
Cape Campbell Wines Blenheim www.cairnbrae.co.nz
Carrick Central Otago -
Cellier Le Brun Blenheim www.lebrun.co.nz
Central Hawkes Bay Wines Hawkes Bay -
Chancellor Estates Christchurch -
Chard Farm Queenstown www.chardfarm.co.nz
Charles Wiffen Wines Canterbury -
Chateau Raphael Blenheim -
Chateau Waimarama Company Hawkes Bay -
Church Road Winery Hawkes Bay www.montanawines.co.nz
Churton Blenheim sweaver.wine@xtra.co.nz
Claddagh Vineyard Martinborough -
Clay Cliffs Estate Omarama -
Clearview Estate Winery Hawkes Bay www.clearviewestate.co.nz
Clifford Bay Estate Blenheim www.cliffordbay.co.nz
Cloudy Bay Vineyards Blenheim www.cloudybay.co.nz
Collard Brothers Auckland -
Coney Wines Wellington -
Coopers Creek Vineyard Auckland -
Cottle Hill Winery Keri Keri -
Covell Estate Wines Murupara -
Crab Farm Winery Hawkes Bay www.crabfarmwinery.co.nz
Craggy Range Vineyards Hawkes Bay www.craggyrange.co.nz
Crossroads Winery Hawkes Bay www.crossroadswinery.co.nz
Daniel Schuster Wines North Canterbury www.danielschusterwines.com
David Papa Estate Wines Auckland -
De Gyffarde Wines Blenheim -
De Redcliffe Estates Auckland www.deredcliffe.co.nz
Delamore Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Delegat's Wine Estate Auckland -
Denton Winery Nelson www.dentonwinery.co.nz
Domaine Georges Michel Blenheim -
Donaldson Vineyards Queenstown -
Douglas: John Martinborough -
Dry Gully Vineyard Alexandra -
Dry River Wines Martinborough -
Edbrooke Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Edgewater Estate Waitakere City -
Equinox Wines Napier -
Esk Valley Estate Hawkes Bay -
Eskdale Winegrowers Hawkes Bay -
Fairhall Downs Estate Wines Blenheim www.fairhalldowns.co.nz
Fairmont Estate Winery Wairarapa www.handcraftedwines.com
Felton Road Wines Central Otago www.feltonroad.com
Fenton Estate Waiheke Island -
Fiddler's Green Wines North Canterbury -
Fino Valley Wines Auckland -
Floating Mountain Canterbury -
Foreman's Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Forrest Estate Winery Blenheim www.forrest.co.nz
Fossil Ridge Nelson -
Foxes Island Wines Blenheim -
Framingham Wine Company Blenheim www.framingham.co.nz
Fraser River Estate Alexandra -
French Farm Vineyards Akaroa www.frenchfarm.co.nz
Fromm Winery Blenheim www.frommwineries.com
Fullers Vineyard Auckland -
Gatehouse Wines Christchurch -
Gibbston Valley Wines Queenstown www.gvwines.co.nz
Giesen Wine Estate Canterbury Christchurch www.giesen.co.nz
Gillan Estate Wines Blenheim www.gillan.co.nz
Gisborne Wine Company Gisborne -
Gladstone Vineyard Carterton www.gladstone.co.nz
Glen Garth Farm Martinborough -
Glengarry Hancocks Auckland -
Glenmark Wines North Canterbury -
Glover's Vineyard Nelson www.glovers-vineyard.co.nz
Golden Gate Vineyards Auckland -
Golden Slope Gisborne -
Goldwater Estate Waiheke Island www.goldwaterwine.com
Grandview Wines Auckland -
Greenhough Vineyard and Winery Nelson -
Grove Mill Wine Company Blenheim www.grovemill.co.nz
Gunn Estate Winery Hawkes Bay www.gunnestate.hb.co.nz
Hand, Steve and Barbara Canterbury -
Harrier Rise Vineyard Auckland -
Hau Ariki Wines Martinborough -
Hawkdun Rise Alexandra www.vineyardstay.co.nz
Hawkesbridge Wines & Estates Blenheim www.hawkesbridge.co.nz
Hawkesbury Vineyard Blenheim -
Hay's Lake Vineyard Central Otago www.hayslake.co.nz
Haythornthwaite Wines Martinborough www.haythornthwaite.co.nz
Heron's Flight Vineyard Warkworth -
Herzog Wine Collection Blenheim www.herzog.co.nz
Hidden Valley Vineyard Greytown -
Highfield Estate Blenheim www.highfield.co.nz
Himmelsfeld Nelson -
Hitchen Road Vineyard Auckland -
Holmes Brothers Nelson www.organicwines.co.nz
Horsford Downs Rangiora -
Huia Vineyards Blenheim www.huia.net.nz
Hunter's Wines Blenheim www.hunters.co.nz
Huthlee Estate Vineyard Hawkes Bay -
Hyperion Wines Matakana www.hyperion-wines.co.nz
Inverness Estate Auckland www.inverness.co.nz
Isabel Estate Vineyard Blenheim www.isabelestate.com
Jackson Estate Marlborough www.jacksonestate.co.nz
Johanneshof Cellars Blenheim -
John Mellars Great Barrier Island -
Johnson Estate Blenheim -
Judge Rock Wines Central Otago www.judgerock.co.nz
K V Wines Auckland -
Kahurangi Estate Nelson www.kahurangiwine.com
Kaikoura Wine Company Kaikoura www.kaikourawines.co.nz
Kaimira Estate Nelson -
Kaituna Valley Christchurch -
Kanuka Forest Wines Whakatane -
Karaka Point Wines Auckland -
Karaka Vineyards Auckland -
Kawarau Estate Central Otago www.kestate.co.nz
Kemblefield Estate Winery Hawkes Bay www.kemblefield.co.nz
Kenley Vineyard Central Otago -
Kennedy Point Vineyard Waiheke Island www.kennedypoint.20m.com
Kerr Farm Vineyards Auckland www.kerrfarmwine.co.nz
Kim Crawford Wines Auckland www.kimcrawfordwines.co.nz
Kingsley Estate Hawkes Bay www.kingsley.co.nz
Kinvarra Estate Winery Havelock North -
Konrad and Conrad Wines Blenheim -
Koura Bay Wines Blenheim -
Kumeu River Wines Auckland www.kumeuriver.co.nz
Lake Chalice Wines Blenheim www.lakechalice.co.nz
Lake Hayes Vineyard Central Otago www.lakehayes.co.nz
Landmark Estate Wines Auckland -
Langdale Wine Estate Christchurch -
Larcomb Vineyard Christchurch -
Lauregan Properties Hawkes Bay -
Lawson's Dry Hills Wines Blenheim www.lawsonsdryhills.com
Le Brun Family Estate Blenheim -
Le Gros Family Vines Nelson -
Leaning Rock Vineyard Central Otago www.leaningrock.co.nz
Leburn Estate Nelson -
Lincoln Vineyards Auckland www.lincolnwines.co.nz
Linden Estate 2000 Hawkes Bay www.lindenwines.co.nz
Livingstone Estate Gisborne shanelivingstone@hotmail.com
Lombardi Wines Hawkes Bay -
Longburn Wines Central Otago -
Longview Wine Estate Whangarei www.longviewwines.co.nz
Loopline Vineyard Masterton -
Lovrich Wines Auckland www.lovrich.co.nz
Lucknow Estate Hawkes Bay -
Lynskeys Wairau Peaks Blenheim -
Lyttle Vineyard & Olive Grove Waiheke Island -
Mackenzie: Antony Blenheim -
Mahurangi Estate Winery Warkworth www.mahurangi.co.nz
Maitland-Biddulph Gisborne -
Margaret John Vineyard Central Otago -
Margrain Vineyard Martinborough www.margrainvineyard.co.nz
Marlborough Vintners Blenheim -
Marsden Estate Keri Keri -
Martinborough Vineyard Martinborough www.martinborough-vineyard.co.nz
Matakana Estate Warkworth -
Matariki Wines Hawkes Bay -
Matawhero Wines Gisborne -
Matua Valley Wines Auckland www.matua.co.nz
Mayfair Wine Cellars Auckland -
Mazuran's Vineyard Auckland -
McBell Holdings Wellington -
McBell Holdings Wellington -
McCashins Nelson www.mccashins.co.nz
Mebus Estate Masterton -
Melness Wines North Canterbury www.melnesswines.co.nz
Mills Reef Winery Tauranga www.millsreef.co.nz
Millton Vineyard Gisborne www.millton.co.nz
Miro Vineyard Waiheke Island www.mirovineyard.com
Mission Estate Winery Hawkes Bay -
Misty Valley Wines Auckland -
Monarch Wines Otaki -
Monkey Bay Wine Marlborough www.monkeybaywine.com
Montana Wines Auckland www.montanawines.com
Montana Wines Gisborne www.montanawines.com
Montana Wines Blenheim www.montanawines.com
Morton Estate Auckland -
Morworth Estate Vineyard Christchurch -
Mount Edward Winery Central Otago abrady@queenstown.co.nz
Mount Maude Central Otago www.mountmaude.co.nz
Mount Michael Vineyard Central Otago -
Mount Riley Wines Auckland -
Mountford Vineyard North Canterbury www.mountfordvineyard.co.nz
Moutere Hills Vineyard Nelson www.mouterehills.co.nz
Mt Difficulty Wines Central Otago www.mtdifficulty.co.nz
Mud House Wine Company Blenheim www.mudhouse.co.nz
Mudbrick Vineyard Waiheke Island www.mudbrick.co.nz
Muddy Water Fine Wines Christchurch www.muddywater.co.nz
Muirlea Rise Martinborough -
Murdoch James Estate Martinborough www.martinborough.com
Mystery Creek Wines Ohaupo -
Negociants New Zealand Auckland www.nautilusestate.com
Neudorf Vineyards Nelson www.neudorf.co.nz
Nevis Bluff Vineyard Cromwell www.nevisbluff.co.nz
Nga Waka Vineyard Martinborough www.nzwine.com/ngawaka
Ngaruroro Estate Winery Hawkes Bay -
Ngatarawa Wines Hawkes Bay www.ngatarawawines.co.nz
Nobilo Wine Group Auckland www.nobilo.co.nz
Observing Wines Blenheim www.observingwines.co.nz
Obsidian Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Odyssey Wines Auckland www.odysseywines.co.nz
Ohinemuri Estate Wines Paeroa -
Okahu Estate Kaitaia www.okahuestate.co.nz
Old Road Wines Blenheim -
Olssen's of Bannockburn Central Otago www.olssens.co.nz
Omaka Springs Estates Blenheim www.omaka.co.nz
Onetangi Road Vineyard Waiheke Island www.onetangiroad.co.nz
Opihi Vineyard South Canterbury -
Otago Crown Central Otago www.otagocrownwine.com
Pacific Vineyards Auckland -
Packspur Vineyard Central Otago annelaurie@packspur.co.nz
Palliser Estate Wines Martinborough www.palliser.co.nz
Park Estate Winery Hawkes Bay -
Parker Methode Champenoise Gisborne -
Pegasus Bay Winery North Canterbury www.pegasusbay.com
Peninsula Estate Wines Waiheke Island -
Peregrine Wines Queenstown www.peregrinewines.co.nz
Petrae Estate Martinborough -
Petros Vineyard Takaka -
Pierre Estate Wellington -
Pleasant Valley Wines Auckland -
Pleiades Vineyard Blenheim -
Ponder Estate Blenheim www.ponder.co.nz
Pouparae Park Gisborne -
Providence Vineyards Auckland -
Provincial Vineyards Blenheim -
Puriri Hills Papakura www.puririhills.co.nz
Putiki Bay Vineyards Waiheke Island -
Putiki Vineyards Waiheke Island -
Quarry Road Estate Te Kauwhata -
Quartz Reef Central Otago rudi@quartzreef.co.nz
Ransom Wines Warkworth -
Rapaura Vintners Blenheim -
Redmetal Vineyards Hawkes Bay -
Richmond Brook Wine Company Blenheim -
Richmond Grove Auckland www.jacobscreek.com.au
Richmond Range Estate Blenheim -
Rimu Grove Winery Nelson -
Rippon Vineyard Central Otago www.rippon.co.nz
River Terraces Vineyard Martinborough -
Riverbrook Vineyard Renwick -
Riverby Estate Blenheim -
Riverline Vineyard Oamaru -
Riverside Wines New Zealand Hawkes Bay -
Rockburn Wines Central Otago www.rockburn.co.nz
Rongopai Wines Te Kauwhata www.rongopaiwines.co.nz
Rossendale Wines Christchurch -
Ruby Bay Winery Nelson www.rubybay.co.nz
Ryan Estate Hawkes Bay -
Sacred Hill Wines Hawkes Bay -
Sailfish Cove Wines Whangarei -
Saint Clair Estate Wines Blenheim www.saintclair.co.nz
Sanderson Wines Hawkes Bay www.sandersonwines.co.nz
Schubert Wines Martinborough www.schubert.co.nz
Seibel Wines Auckland -
Seifried Estate Nelson www.seifried.co.nz
Nobilo Wine Group Auckland www.nobilo.co.nz
Seresin Estate Blenheim www.seresin.co.nz
Settler Vineyard & Winery Hawkes Bay -
Shalimar Estate Winery Gisborne -
Sherwood Estate Wines Christchurch -
Sileni Estates Auckland -
Simpson: Douglas Richmond -
Smith Wine Co Hawkes Bay -
Soljans Wines Auckland -
Solstone Estate Winery Masterton -
Southcorp Wines Auckland -
Spencer Hill Estate Nelson www.spencer-hill.co.nz
Springvale Estate Central Otago benchmarkalx@xtra.co.nz
St Francis Wine Company Auckland -
St Helena Wine Estate Christchurch -
St Jerome Wines Auckland -
St Nesbit Winery Auckland -
Staete Landt Vineyards Blenheim www.staetelandt.co.nz
Sterling Lines Vineyard Amberley -
Stonecroft Wines Hawkes Bay www.stonecroft.co.nz
Stonecutter Vineyard Martinborough -
Stony Batter Estate Waiheke Island -
Stonyridge Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Stratford Wines Martinborough -
Sunset Valley Vineyard Nelson www.sunsetvalleyvineyard.co.nz
Taramea Winemakers Centre Queenstown -
Taramea Wines Central Otago -
Spencer Hill Estate Nelson www.spencer-hill.co.nz
Surveyor Thomson Central Otago www.surveyor-thomson.co.nz
Te Awa Farm Winery Hawkes Bay -
Te Awanga Estate Hawkes Bay -
Te Horo Vineyards Otaki www.tehorowine.co.nz
Te Kairanga Wines Martinborough www.tkwine.co.nz
Te Mania Estate Nelson www.temaniawines.co.nz
Te Mata Estate Winery Hawkes Bay www.temata.hb.co.nz
Te Whare Ra Wines Blenheim www.te-whare-ra.co.nz
Te Whau Vineyard Waiheke Island www.tewhau.co.nz
Thabo Vineyard Waiheke Island -
Thainstone Winery Blenheim -
The Crossings Nelson www.thecrossings.co.nz
The Escarpment Vineyard Martinborough -
The Orpington Partnership Rangiora -
Thornbury Wines Mt Maunganui www.thornbury.co.nz
Thorpe Brothers Wines Gisborne -
Thyme Hill Vineyard Central Otago thymehill@xtra.co.nz
Tiritiri Vineyard Gisborne tiritiriestate.kiwis-online.com
Tohu Wines Lower Hutt www.tohuwines.co.nz
Torlesse Wines Christchurch -
Totara Vineyards Thames -
Trents Estate Vineyard Christchurch -
Trinity Hill Hastings www.trinityhillwines.com
Two Paddocks Central Otago www.twopaddocks.com
Tuki Vineyard Hawkes Bay www.tuki.co.nz
Unison Vineyard Hawkes Bay -
Valli Vineyards Queenstown www.valliwine.com
Vavasour Wines Blenheim www.vavasour.com
Vidal Estate Hawkes Bay -
Vilagrad Wines Ohaupo www.vilagradwines.co.nz
Villa Maria Estate Auckland www.villamaria.co.nz
Villa Maria Marlborough Winery Blenheim -
Vin Alto Auckland -
Vodanovich Wines Auckland -
Voss Estate Vineyards Martinborough www.vossestate.co.nz
Wai-iti River Vineyard Nelson -
Waiau Estate Winery New Plymouth -
Waiheke Vineyards Auckland -
Waimarie Wines Auckland -
Waimata Vineyard Gisborne www.waimata.ac.nz
Waimea Estates Nelson www.waimeaestates.co.nz
Waipara Downs North Canterbury www.waiparadowns.co.nz
Waipara Springs Wines North Canterbury www.waiparasprings.co.nz
Waipara West North Canterbury www.waiparawest.com
Wairau River Wines Blenheim www.wairauriverwines.com
Waitiri Creek Central Otago www.waitiricreek.co.nz
Waiwera Estate Nelson -
Walnut Ridge Estate Martinborough www.walnutridge.co.nz
Wattlebank Christchurch -
West Brook Winery Auckland www.westbrook.co.nz
Weston's Winery Dunedin -
Whitehaven Wine Company Blenheim www.whitehaven.co.nz
William Hill Vineyard Central Otago www.williamhill.co.nz
Winslow Wines Martinborough -
Wishart Estate Winery Hawkes Bay www.wishartwinery.co.nz
Wither Hills Vineyards Marlborough www.witherhills.com
Woodbourne Estate Wellington www.woodbourne-estate.co.nz
Woodfield Estate Hamilton -
Wrights Gisborne www.wrightswines.co.nz


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