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Waimea Estates Sauvignon Blanc 2002

Tasted:27 Dec 2002 (age 1 year)
Name:Waimea Estates (83)
Variety:Sauvignon Blanc
Producer:Waimea Estates (241)
Web Site:http://www.waimeaestates.co.nz
The colour was very pale light green gold. This wine had a intense dry sharp gooseberry and capsicum fruit bouquet. It was very dry with crisp acid and intense varietal gooseberry and capsicum fruit. This was a dry wine with good balance and intense varietal character.


Note 1 I am not really a wine expert (just an enthusiastic amateur), so please don't take my recommendations as anything more than a rough guide to these wines. I can take no responsibility if you buy a lot, on my recommendation, and then regret it!

Note 2 You may not agree with my evaluation of these wines as a lot of this is quite subjective. I tend to put a lot of emphasis on complexity and intense characteristic flavours and bouquet, so if you disagree you might just have different priorities.


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