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Cessna A-37B Dragonfly

This aircraft entered service in 1957 as a turbo-jet trainer(the T-37). It was modified (including a more powerful engine) for use as an attack aircraft in Vietnam. It was still in use by the US Air National Guard in the early 1990s. This particular Dragonfly is quite modern (compared with most of the aircraft at the show) being manufactured in 1972. Only 39 Dragonflys were ever built (they were converted from T-37B trainers).

The specifications for the A-37B are as follows. Engines: two General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojets producing 2,850 lb thrust. Wing span: 35ft 10.5in, length: 28ft 3.25in, height: 8ft 10.5in, empty weight: 6,210 lbs, maximum takeoff weight 14,000 lbs. Maximum speed at 16,000 ft: 525 mph, maximum cruising speed at 25,000 feet: 489 mph. Range: 1010 miles. Armament: One GAU-2B/A 7.62-mm minigun, incendiary or cluster bombs, rocket pods, and gun pods.

Use the controller above to see the Dragonfly flying its display (this requires Quicktime). I apologise for the poor quality of this movie but it was originally encoded in the "early days" of internet video!


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