Note: You are currently viewing my old web site. There is a new version with most of this content at OJB.NZ.
The new site is being updated, uses modern techniques, has higher quality media, and has a mobile-friendly version.
This old site will stay on-line for a while, but maybe not indefinitely. Please update your bookmarks. Thanks.

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Made Served

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This web site was 100% created on Macintosh computers and is 100% served on Macintosh computers. No Microsoft programs were used to create this site. Every page on this site (almost 4000) was created with custom, hand typed HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS, and every graphic was prepared in Photoshop or Pixelmator with extensive editing and customisation.

This site is served from a Mac Pro computer running Mac OS X, MySQL and PHP. Since moving to Mac OS X this computer (and its predecessor, a Power Mac G5) has had very close to 0% downtime. While running on the previous AppleShare IP server for many years, it had around 0.1% downtime (both figures exclude power cuts and restarts to activate system upgrades). All web and database services on this machine are fast and have never been affected in any way by viruses, worms or other security issues (I have been the victim of 1 security problem, but that was because a password was guessed, and even then the server continued running).

The HTML on this web site was entered using BBEdit, a Macintosh only text editor which is a great tool for creating efficient web sites. No WYSIWYG web creation tools, such as DreamWeaver or GoLive, were used. All JavaScipt and PHP code was entered directly into the text editor. This site is a result of careful design and craftsmanship!

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