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OJB Web Server Stats for 25 February 2018 at 10:28

This section shows the total page hits on the different sites hosted on my server during the time period mentioned. This comes from a MySQL database system accessed through PHP also running on this server.

1ojb:owenStarted 2003-09-1927549322 
2ojb:msgStarted 2003-09-20210966 
3ojb:omugStarted 2003-09-21118171 
4ojb:neptuneStarted 2003-09-21121641 
5ojb:homeStarted 2003-09-2178430 
6ojb:maqaiStarted 2008-03-2435259 
7ojb:hospiceStarted 2008-04-1412765 
8ojb:willowsStarted 2009-05-192199 
9ojb:postersStarted 2009-06-08111989 
10ojb:mentoringStarted 2013-07-225387 
11ojb:ojbStarted 2014-02-1517097 
12ojb:excelsiorStarted 2014-03-0119321 
13ojb:koligStarted 2017-03-182052 

New Areas Being Monitored

This section shows the total page hits on specific sub-sections of my web sites. I use this to monitor whether new area of my site are actually being viewed by anyone and often change it around when a new section is added.

101ojb:owen:religionStarted 2003-11-2878935 
102ojb:owen:musicStarted 2003-11-2875271 
103ojb:owen:microsoftStarted 2003-12-0195779 
104ojb:owen:moonhoaxStarted 2003-01-1622839 
105ojb:owen:warbirds2004Started 2004-04-1857396 
106ojb:owen:warbirds2006Started 2006-04-24102333 
107ojb:owen:blogStarted 2005-03-033545598 
108ojb:owen:warbirds2010Started 2010-04-1552001 
New Total4030152  

Number of Comments

This section shows the total number of comments left for all pages. I use this to monitor whether anyone is leaving comments about the pages they visit.

Total commentsStarted 2004-01-14169583

You can see a list of the comments and more information about them by going to my feedback page using the feature link at the bottom of this page. Note that only some pages on this site have the comment mechanism and the question varies depending on the type of page being accessed.

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