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The new site is being updated, uses modern techniques, has higher quality media, and has a mobile-friendly version.
This old site will stay on-line for a while, but maybe not indefinitely. Please update your bookmarks. Thanks.

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News Feeds

My news feeds use the standard RSS mechanism. RSS allows you to use your browser (if it supports it) or a news reading program to subscribe to a news feed from a web site. A news feed can tell you about new material on the site. Either click the link below, or copy and paste it into your news program.

My blog RSS feed is: A blog is an on-line diary recording events, comments, thoughts, and opinions on various topical subjects. I try to update it about every second day, so the RSS feed will keep you up to date on this.

My podcast RSS feed is: Podcasts are recorded audio messages you can play on an MP3 player or computer. I do a few of these every week or two. They are usually based on web pages or blog entries on my site.

My general web site RSS feed is: The general feed contains information on major updates to my general web site. When I add a new section it will be listed here. There is also a "random" featured web page, and a featured photo.

Using the Feeds

After you subscribe your browser will show you when the contents of my news feed changes, so you can keep up to date with information that changes frequently, such as my latest blog entry, latest page added to the site, etc. Use a podcast client to make listing and downloading podcasts easier.

I recommend using the browsers Safari and OmniWeb for Mac OS X because they have nice support for news feeds. Otherwise use NetNewsWire, a nice specialised news program (which will also manage podcasts) for the Mac. You can also use iTunes by using the "Subscribe to Podcast" command in the Advanced menu, and then entering the URL of the feed.

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