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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15

The MiG is an early Russian jet fighter which was a good match for the American F-86 Sabre during the Korean war because of its well balanced attributes of speed, maneuverability, strength and reliability (something early jets were definitely not known for). Before the Sabre was introduced the MiG-15 caused havoc with B-29 bombing operations and their escort fighters. Over 7500 were produced, and although this aircraft was first built in 1949 and introduced in 1950, a modified version of it (MiG-15 UTI) is still used as a trainer today.

Engine: Klimov VK-1F turbojet producing 7,452 lbs of thrust (or a Klimov VK-1 at 6000 lbs, an unauthorised copy of the Rolls Royce Nene engine). Wing span: 33 feet 3 inches, length: 33 feet 4 inches, height 10 feet 10 inches. Maximum takeoff weight: 12,006 lbs. maximum speed: 579 mph, cruising speed: 525 mph, range (with extra tanks): 450 miles, Ceiling: 49,729 feet. Armament: One UBK-Ye 12.7mm machine gun or one NS-23 23mm cannon, or two 23mm and one 37mm cannon, and rockets or 2000 lbs of bombs.

Use the controller above to watch to the MiG flying past. Don't worry if it doesn't sound quite right - I think the sound is a bit mixed up with a P-51 Mustang it was "dog fighting" with at the time! (this requires Quicktime). I apologise for the poor quality of this movie but it was originally encoded in the "early days" of internet video!


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