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Edge 540

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Edge 540

The tiny Edge 540 aerobatics aircraft is capable of extraordinary performance. AIthough it only weighs 1200 lbs it has a 8.75 litre 350 hp Lycoming I0-540 engine enabling aerobatics at about 200 knots. The air frame can withstand forces of plus or minus 23 g!

Here's some specs for the Edge: Fully composite EDGE wing, Lycoming IO-540 producing 327+ HP, Hartzell Aerobatic 3-blade composite propeller, Inverted fuel and oil system, roll rate: 420 degrees per second, climb rate: 3,700 ft/min, do not exceed speed 265 mph, stall speed 58 mph, empty weight: 1155 lbs, maximum gross weight (aerobatic): 1550 lbs, fuel capacity (fuselage tank): 19 gallons, fuel capacity (wing tank): 44 gallons, wingspan: 24.4 feet, length: 20.7 feet, price for base model US$231,655!

The steel tube fuselage can handles sustained loads of 15 Gs, The E540 has the highest aerobatic thrust to weight ratio of any competition aerobatic aircraft available (at the time I created this page, anyway).


Check out the movie to see the Edge performing some of its tumbling aerobatics near the top of its climb. During extreme aerobatics the aircraft can look like its out of control - it must be a wild ride for the pilot!

Edge 540 Movie

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