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Black Falcons Movie

Here's some specs for the Aermacchi MB-339 training jets. Crew: two pilots in tandem. Length: 36 ft (11 m), wingspan: 35 ft 7 in (10.8 m), height: 13 ft 1 in (3.4 m). Empty weight 6,889 lb (3,125 kg), maximum takeoff weight: 13,000 lb (5,895 kg). Maximum speed: 575 mph (926 kmh). Range: 1,140 nautical miles (2,110 km). Engine: one Rolls-Royce Viper Mk-632-43 turbojet producing 4,000 lb (1814 kg) thrust. Weapons capabilities: six hardpoints; 4,500 lb (2,040 kg), Marte Mk2A ASM (MB-339AM); 30 mm/12.7/7.62 mm gun pods; AIM-9 Sidewinder, R.550 Magic AAMs, bombs, and rockets.

The aircraft is quite widely used in different countries around the world, including Argentina, Dubai, Malaysia, Nigeria and Peru. There are over 200 in service.

Use the controller above to watch the Black Falcons aerobatics team fly their Aermacchi jet trainers with absolute precision (this requires Quicktime, and is a moderately large movie). I apologise for the poor quality of this movie but it was originally encoded in the "early days" of internet video!


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