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Air Force

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Air Force

The Royal New Zealand Air Force demonstrated several aircraft during the show. Large transports included the Boeing 757 (shown above), the Orion and the C-130 Hercules. They also flew the Iroquois helicopter and had a Seasprite on static display. The Red Checkers aerobatic team flew a demonstration as well.

The 757 is Boeing's replacement for the widely used 737 medium size jet. Until the 757 arrived the RNZAF used a much older 727 which could not be operated in some locations because of its noisy older jet engines. The modern turbofan engines used in the 757 produce 43,000 pounds of thrust and are remarkably quiet.

The current aircraft are used by the RNZAF for strategic transport, disaster relief, medical evaluation and defence force support, and will be even more flexible when they are modified to handle larger cargo loads by the end of the year.

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Air Force

The Lockheed Orion is used by the RNZAF for fishery patrols and anti-submarine patrols.

The Orion is 35.57 m in length, has a 30.36 meter wingspan, and a height of 10.27m. Maximum takeoff weight is 63,394 kg. Power is from 4 Allison T-56-A-14 turboprops producing 4,900 hp. Maximum speed is 745 km/h and range is 2,738.9 miles.

Air Force

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules has been in use for many years and has proven itself to be very versatile. Its remarkably agile for such a large aircraft and its short take-off and maximum effort landings are impressive to watch.

The Hercules uses the same Allison turboprop engines as the Orion but has the higher take-off weight of about 80 tonnes.

Air Force

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois has also been a useful and versatile aircraft for the RNZAF since they started using them in 1966.

It performs roles such as search and rescue, communications, police work, emergency relief, and military supply.

Air Force

The AESL CT/4 Air Trainers used by the Red Checkers are designed and built in New Zealand. They are a small (length 7 meters) 2 or 3 seat trainer which first flew in 1972.

The latest model is the CT/4E which has a 300 horse power engine giving the aircraft a better climb rate.


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