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Lavochkin LA-9

This is the only flying example of this aircraft in the world, only a few exist in any condition. This Russian fighter was produced shortly after the end of World War II by Syemon Lavochkin and about 1600 units were built.

The aircraft has a top speed of 430 mph and a ceiling of about 35,000 feet. The engine is a Shvetsov M-82FN 14 cylinder radial producing 1850 hp. Wingspan is 32 feet, length is 28 feet, and height is approximately 8 feet.

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This particular aircraft originally flew for the Chinese Air Force, but was retired around 1960.

It was owned by various organisations before being shipped to New Zealand for restoration in 2000 and was finally ready (after problems with restoring the engine) in March 2003. It has flown in various air shows since then.


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