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Avro 540K

Noted in New Zealand because it was the used in the first crossing of Cook Strait (the strait that separates New Zealand's two main islands) in 1920.

It wasn't very successful in the role of bomber in World War 1 and was demoted for use as a trainer instead.


C-130 Hercules

This photo of the C-130 Hercules shows the loading door open and two of the crew inside, as the aircraft zooms down the runway and banks away to the left.

See the RNZAF section of this report for more information on the Herc.


Polikarpov I-153

Russian aircraft have been well represented at recent shows and the Polikarpovs have been featured since their introduction in 1998. There were three at this show.

This is the biplane model, the I-153, which were built in 1939. Its quite fast for a biplane, being capable of around 430 kph.



You can't have a report on a Warbirds show without a photo of a Spitfire! This one shows the top of the aircraft and the distinctive oval wings really well.

The basic design was improved many times - this example is the Mk XVI with the 1720 hp Packard Merlin engine.


T-28 Trojan

The Trojan training aircraft has never been officially used by New Zealand but there has been one in the country since 1989.

The Trojan was the North American companies successor to the AT-6 Harvard and is bigger with a lot more power (this version has 1425 hp, giving a top speed of 346 mph).


Brietling Fighters

The Brietling team are well known throughout the world and were given special permission to fly under that name at the show because the team was officially disbanded.

They flew the P-40 Kittyhawk, Spitfire, P-51 Mustang and Corsair with great precision, as you can see in this photo.


Me 108

The Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun is the predecessor to the famous Me-109. It makes regular appearances at the Wanaka shows where it often has to play the part of the "bad guy"!

Like the 109, its quite small (empty weight 1,900 pounds) but it lacks the 109's power with just 240 hp. Top speed is 186 mph. The design dates from 1934 though. At that time it was quite advanced.


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