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Aerobatics 6

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Aerobatics 6

Here's a comparison of the Thunder Mustang and the P-51D Mustang...

Aircraft Thunder Mustang P-51D Mustang  
Length24 feet32 feet 
Wing span24 feet37 feet 
Empty weight2200 lbs7635 lbs 
Total weight3200 lbs11600 lbs 
Engine power640 hp1490 hp 
Engine capacity600 cu in1650 cu in 
Cruise speed340 mph300 mph 
Maximum speed375 mph375 mph 
Climb rate5200 ft/min2800 ft/min 
Ceiling25000 ft46000 ft 
Maximum load+9/-6 g+8/-4 g 
Weight/power ratio4.7 lbs/hp7.8 lbs/hp 

Useful Links

The Thunder Mustang home page, USA
Kiwi Thunder, the Thunder Mustang in New Zealand


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