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Its Official

Entry 114, on 2005-01-13 at 15:01:25 (Rating 1, News)

Well, the US have finally given up searching for weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq. I suspect most of the world would have advised giving up before they even started, because it was clear to them that there were none to start with. Of course, Bush and his supporters have changed their story and now their motivation is to introduce democracy in Iraq. But why should we accept that every country should be the same, and that democracy is the best system for everyone? And even if it is the best system, who decides who has the right to impose it on who?

Most people would agree that the real motivation for the invasion was oil and other financial gains for large US corporations. The best comment I found along those lines on the Internet was this: "What a waste of good lives for the interests of a few." Sort of like the antithesis of the heroic speech by Churchill about the RAF in the Battle of Britain!

Reading through other comments about the decision on the Internet it was obvious that things haven't really changed. Those who supported the war originally still do, despite the fact that the original reason is no longer valid. And those who never supported the war, still don't, of course. The few people who have changed their minds have done so because they don't like the death toll of Americans, not through any higher morals. The big problem in America is the dichotomy between supporters and opposers of the current regime. The divisions seem to be more bitter than ever.


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