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Evil Propaganda

Entry 1167, on 2010-03-02 at 13:12:30 (Rating 5, Religion)

A friend left a couple of interesting items on my desk this morning: two small booklets distributed by some sort of evangelical Christian organisation, possibly the NZ Evangelistic Society, based on the contact information on the back. Let the rant begin...

When I first saw them I thought they might have been some sort of naive and extreme propaganda of the sort distributed in the 1950s or maybe some sort of Nazi or Stalinist material used in simpler times when people took this sort of thing seriously. But amazingly the copyright dates are 1999 and 2004. Someone still thinks this sort of stuff works!

So what particular pro-Christian theme did these little gems push? The first one covered the old anti-evolution theme and the second concentrated on how everyone deserves to burn in Hell but could be saved by Christ.

The anti-evolution stuff first. Like most material of this sort it was a mixture of lies, misinformation and loathsome propaganda. Honestly the people who produce this stuff really are nothing but scum. Not only are they clearly wrong but they stop at nothing to push their nonsense onto other people. What made it even worse was this material seemed to be aimed at children. Honestly I think Richard Dawkins has a point when he points out that some of this stuff is a form of child abuse.

Specific examples of the insidious garbage in this material included: a teacher who taught evolution portrayed as an evil, ugly person who accepted no criticism and punished anyone who disagreed. I have never seen this sort of character in real life and its an obvious attempt at an "ad hominem" attack and "poisoning the well", as well as being just plain dishonest.

Then there's the tired old story about us "coming from monkeys". This has been explained to the creationist idiots so many times that they are either incredibly stupid or incredibly dishonest. There is no way that anyone should be producing a booklet on the subject who still thinks humans evolved from monkeys. Yet again, for the millionth time: humans and apes (and monkeys) evolved from the same common ancestor. Its a fact, get over it.

Then the teacher claims god is a liar. This is unlikely because if the person believes in a god they are likely to think the Bible has been misinterpreted rather than God deliberately lying, and if they don't believe a god even exists how can it lie?

So it just goes on and on with each new piece of garbage even worse than the previous, but the most despicable material is left for the end. It says "If you believe in evolution instead of Jesus then you'll end up in Hell." Do they really believe that, and if they do believe it do they think that's OK? Is that different in any way to Stalin sending anyone who disagreed with him to the salt mines in Siberia. Actually, its worse!

Its purely disgusting. Even if it was true should we believe in a god who is such a bully? He provides us with thousands of reasons to believe in evolution and none to believe him and then punishes us when we use the logical thought processes he (allegedly) gave us. All Christians should revolt against this hideous god they have created.

Well that was quite a rant, wasn't it? Unfortunately the second book was even worse. It dealt more with the horrible philosophy Christianity is based on more than the lies and propaganda it uses to support itself.

It tells the story of a priceless carpet made from the hair of white tigers (very environmentally responsible). An aristocratic character is about to show it to a visitor but a lazy servant has sneaked into the room where the carpet is and when the door is opened some ink (or other chemical) he is carrying is spilt and the carpet is stained. The stain can't be removed so the owner insists that the carpet is burned.

The comparison is made between the stained carpet not being allowed to stay in the castle and a person with a defect in their character not being allowed in heaven. Its also pointed out that everyone has sinned so they deserve to be sent to Hell. And the reason we are all sinners is because of the original sin of Adam (who is portrayed being fooled by a crafty looking Eve - a great example of misogyny in the Bible).

Being a good person doesn't help and you are only saved by faith not through your works. What a great message to send to people: you start out being bad because of something someone did 6000 years ago, you can't be saved by being a good person, and you must obey one particular religion without question if you want to avoid the worst torture imaginable.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Christianity is one of the most evil, sick, despicable belief systems the human race has ever invented, We would all be so much better off if it had never existed. I just hope the scum who are distributing this evil propaganda visit me so I can point out a few problems with their disgusting beliefs!

Here endeth the rant.


Comment 1 (2617) by OJB on 2010-03-02 at 16:21:34:

In a debate against Todd Friel (what a moron), Dan Barker said: If your god existed I would proudly go to Hell. If he existed I would tell him to go to Hell. Don't you have a sense of morality and justice and fairness? Why are we stuck in the primitive New Testament view that we are slaves before some father figure. Ethical people will do what is right no matter what they are told. Religious people will do what they are told no matter what is right. Blasphemy is a victimless crime. The Bible is not a reliable source of knowledge. If you base your arguments on it you are both morally and intellectually bankrupt.


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