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Where Will It End?

Entry 120, on 2005-01-26 at 22:00:55 (Rating 1, Politics)

I see George Bush is asking Congress for another $80 billion, bringing the total spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to $300 billion, so far. The total US debt is "just" $430 billion, so the wars make up a big proportion of the total. And it hasn't ended yet. The US is expecting to have significant numbers of troops in Iraq for at least another 2 years.

Bush tells us the war is to help the Iraqi people achieve freedom and a better standard of living. I would suggest that if he is prepared to spend $300 billion on overseas assistance, it could be done a lot more efficiently. And as an added bonus, the death of 100,000 of the people they are "helping" could be avoided as well!

I suggest, donate the billions to charities who are already expert at helping disadvantaged people in other countries. They are very efficient at distributing the aid money, and they really help the people who need it - without the use of tanks and bombs.


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