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Catholic Cult

Entry 1206, on 2010-07-20 at 15:48:17 (Rating 4, Religion)

I read recently that Pope Benedict is creating a new Vatican office to combat secularisation and what he refers to as an "eclipse of the sense of God." It's specifically intended to counter the rise of secularism and, no doubt, the new atheists have had a lot to do with this effort.

There's a well known quote - I can't remember who by right now - that says "the best protection against Christianity is to read the Bible." If that doesn't show you what a pile of crap it is then nothing will! There's another relevant quote too. That is that Christianity is a great thing, except for the Christians. I paraphrased both of those quotes but the essential meaning is unchanged.

So these two quotes are saying that Christianity is it's own worst enemy and there does seem to be a lot of truth in that. Look at the history of the Catholic Church (I agree that other churches are almost as bad but because the story is about the Pope I will concentrate on Catholicism here) and it's clear that many of the senior members of the church certainly haven't demonstrated great moral leadership.

Sexual abuse of children and genocide in Rwanda are the two most prominent recent examples of their evil actions (yes, I think the word evil is OK to use here even though I deny the existence of an ultimate source of morality). The actions of these people should be enough to persuade anyone to abandon the church!

And read the Bible. I mean read what it actually says, not the silly fantasy that most Christians believe (that means both Testaments - even though they are contradictory - because Jesus said the old stuff still applies). It's full of disgusting moral values, self-contradictory stories, clear fiction, and childish nonsense. Anyone who thinks that's suitable as the basis for your whole world view really is living in a fantasy world!

So the poor old Pope is beginning to panic a bit now that people can see through the ridiculous facade which is the Catholic church. I suspect his actions will be counter-productive though. All he will do is draw more attention to the increasing opposition to his evil empire of ignorance and superstition. It's hard to be too sympathetic to his plight though, especially when you read about the nuns (yes, I said nuns) who directly participated in mass murder in Rwanda. And let's not even get started on the sexual abuse thing which just seems to get worse and worse.

Don't think that I hate Catholics, or the Pope, or God, or even the church, based on my ranting above. I recognise that Catholicism has some good points. It does provide some charitable and social services, but we must look at the value of any institution in balance: does the good outweigh the bad? In this case I think it clearly doesn't.

The Pope can try to regain the former power and glory of the church as much as he wants but he's doomed. You can't stop an idea whose time has come and you can't save an idea whose time has run out. I think that in this century the church will become a distant memory and a fringe cult for the majority of the western world (it will take a bit longer for the poor suckers in the third world to escape from its tyranny).

The Catholic church is probably the most evil institution which has ever existed (if you don't believe this then please leave a comment and I'll give you a partial list of their atrocities). The sooner it's consigned to the rubbish heap of silly and corrupt ideas the better. I can only hope that other, similar beliefs like Islam swiftly follow it into oblivion!


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