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Worst Idea Ever

Entry 1245, on 2010-11-19 at 20:46:31 (Rating 4, Politics)

Honestly, originally I really did think that the current New Zealand government was OK and that it looked like the Prime Minister, John Key, was OK too. Look back in my blog when they first came into power and you will see cautious approval and optimism. But things have just been getting worse and worse ever since and now the PM has come up with the worst idea ever!

Johnny (Einstein) Key wants to create a financial services hub here in New Zealand! Really? Why not set up an international drug trade center or a weapons trading empire of some sort? I think those "industries" are more trustworthy and acceptable than financial trading at the moment! Of all the ridiculous, small minded, half witted ideas this government has dreamt up this has surely got to be the worst!

The unethical, incompetent scum in charge of various financial services around the world have already just about destroyed half the world's economy. Do we really want that sort of person setting up here? And what would be their motivation to come here anyway? Would it be that NZ is a great country that deserves their support, or would it be that we have great expertise here they want to encourage?

No, it would be that we're cheap. Rent is cheap here. Pay rates are low here. And the government would most likely offer various tax incentives to the last people in the world who need them. Didn't they learn after being sucked in by Warner Brothers over the filming of the Hobbit? Apparently not, because people who have no common sense and are primarily motived by ideology never learn.

I ranted about a similar subject in a blog entry titled "race to the bottom" a few weeks ago. When will this government learn that you can't improve services by cutting funding, you can't increase the standard of living by cutting wages, you can't stimulate the economy by not spending, you can't help the poor by increasing their expenses, and you can't create a balanced, fair, attractive economy by inviting the most immoral parasites on the planet to set up shop here.

The report hasn't been fully released yet so the details are unknown but there are some ideas which are just so stupid, so ridiculous, and just so corrupt, that they really shouldn't even be considered under any circumstances. This is surely one of them. I know it's your little pet project John but please just forget about this one, OK?


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