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More Thought, Less Dogma

Entry 1344, on 2011-11-24 at 21:53:37 (Rating 4, Politics)

I have heard that foreign share and currency traders are getting a bit nervous about the political situation in New Zealand. Up until recently it looked like the existing government would be re-elected comfortably but now it seems that the center-left coalition has a chance of winning.

Is this a good reason to vote for the right? Some people think so but I would encourage the opposite. If greedy, corrupt foreign traders want National to win then I would say they should lose. Not only are these people just intrinsically immoral but their incompetence was a major factor in the failure of various economies around the world.

I find it really disturbing that some people would consider changing their vote based on what some foreign trader wants. People should do what they consider is the right thing of course, and they might consider these traders are an important part of our economy, but I say we need to set up an economy which doesn't rely on immoral behaviour.

New Zealand took the moral high ground when the Labour government of the 80s stopped visits by American nuclear ships. Many were concerned there would be economic repercussions but I don't think there is any real evidence that happened. So doing the right thing is possible and the threats of dire consequences are usually exaggerated.

A similar idea applies to so-called free trade agreements. Many people just assume that all agreements of this type are good. But the much bigger economies we are negotiating with aren't doing it because of their high ethical principles. The secret negotiations this country is currently involved in for the Trans-Pacific Partnership are unlikely to result in a truly positive outcome for the majority. And if these deals are so great why are they negotiated in secret?

If anyone wants to invest in or trade with our country we should be suspicious. They want to deal with us because they think they can make money that way. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it should be regarded with some suspicion and it certainly shouldn't be automatically considered as a good thing.

Global trade can be a good thing but the ultimate aim of completely free trade with no control is just another neo-liberal ideology and I don't think we should have anything to do with it despite the fact that New Zealand has been a leader in the area.

I think a more considered approach is required. The great global free economy is failing. We need more controls and direction, not less. We need more thought and less dogma. And we sure as hell don't need to consider the opinions of people whose sole purpose is to exploit our country for their own greedy purposes.


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