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Despicable Scum

Entry 1367, on 2012-03-09 at 16:49:21 (Rating 5, Politics)

Before I start this rant I would like to make a note about this blog entry. In it I describe several people in extremely derogatory terms. This criticism is meant to be directed at the person in their "professional" role, not as an individual. I know several people in positions of power who are grossly immoral and irresponsible professionally but who are fine as individuals. So now with that out of the way, let the rant begin!

The current New Zealand government really are a bunch of despicable scum. From the useless yokel who calls himself the minister of finance, to the evil witch who is currently messing up her police and correction portfolios after mangling education last term, to the sleazy con artist who we are unfortunate enough to have as a prime minister. They say people deserve the politicians they get but could we possibly have been so bad to deserve this lot!

Most senior public servants are too diplomatic (or too scared) to say how the pathetic policies of these no hopers are affecting their departments but things are so bad in the defence force that senior managers have publicly said that staff morale is at an all-time low and that it is a major challenge to keep the quality staff they have left.

But the same could apply to almost everywhere. Thanks to these clowns we are in a race to the bottom. Of course many of the problems come from the private sector but that is just encouraged by these ideologs who believe that privatisation is the answer to all our problems (despite the fact that it has clearly been the cause of many of them in the past).

We need to be more competitive they say, or we need to be more efficient. These are just poorly disguised excuses for cutting wages and conditions to the majority while a small minority keep getting richer and richer.

We are supposed to get richer by driving down wages. We are supposed to increase employment by laying off workers. We are supposed to have a more equal society by paying the rich more and taxing them less. How can anyone really believe this tripe?

But I'm sure many do. They will nod understandingly (apparently) and repeat the great mantra that we must economise because of the current global financial situation. They will say they understand that we must offer large salaries to encourage great leaders. They will agree that workers must fit in with the wishes of management to make companies more efficient.

It's all crap. The rich love global downturns because it gives them an excuse to implement all of their most beloved plans. They can reduce wages, lay off staff, outsource and downsize, and do all of those other actions which make our society worse for the majority.

The latest catch-phrase is that "everybody has to live within their means". That's easily said, but some people's means are a lot easier to live within than others. I'm sure the CEOs who are paid more and more every year are finding living within their meagre 6 and 7 figure incomes a lot easier than their employees who are getting less (in real terms) every year.

It's very much like in "Animal Farm" where "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others". Dystopian novels like 1984 and Animal Farm just seem more like reality every day when the Tories are in charge!

It's the hypocrisy of the lying scum which just astounds me, but the fact that so many people accept this lie is even more depressing. Is it not obvious that these people are laughing at the poor as they struggle on a tenth of what the so-called elite make?

It seems more and more obvious that democracy just doesn't work. If it did governments like this one - which are determined to reduce the quality of life of the majority of people, to rob from the 99% to make the 1% even richer, to cut taxes to those who can afford to pay while forcing the poor to compensate for the deficit that results - would never be elected.

I don't think National have a chance of being re-elected at the next election but they are certainly going to do a lot of damage in the time they have left. That's been their modus operandi in the past. New Zealand, and most of the world, is swinging back to more centrist politics so I guess we just have to be patient. People are slow learners, apparently.


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