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Bring On Anarchy!

Entry 1373, on 2012-03-27 at 12:03:07 (Rating 5, Politics)

Nick Smith did the right thing by resigning from his position in this incompetent government New Zealand is currently afflicted with, so now how about the rest of the National Party doing what's best for the country for a change and resigning en masse? Sure I agree the Labour opposition doesn't exactly inspire great confidence but they couldn't possibly be worse than this lot who are really just a bunch of worthless idiots. In fact it's really hard not to reach the conclusion that we would be better off with no one. Bring on anarchy!

The latest embarrassment (and I mean embarrassment to the people of New Zealand who have to admit that they voted for these clowns) is Gerry Brownlee's mindless rant against Finland. Even if what he said was true (and most of it isn't) why would he do that? I've always considered him to be one of the worst in his party, especially after his gross incompetence in handling the Christchurch Earthquake recovery, but this is a new low!

And to be one of the worst in a party filled with such ideologically driven, narrow minded, mediocre fools really takes some skill (or lack of) so I really must admire him for pure buffoonery! So for making New Zealand look so stupid he should resign effective immediately. I'm sure all the people unfortunate enough to be relying on him to do anything worthwhile (which is he totally incapable of) will be quite relieved.

At one time New Zealand was respected around the world for its moral stance on nuclear weapons, social justice, etc, but since the Tories have taken over we have predictably slipped into the mire of serving big corporations and making the rich even richer while ignoring what is the morally right thing to do.

On the other hand, in many ways its even more of a condemnation of the Labour Party that they aren't more popular because you would imagine that most people would be starting to get fairly serious about looking for alternatives to this current crowd of right-wing nutters.

Many people say that democracy doesn't work and looking at governments like this it's hard not to agree. I know there is no real alternative but there must be something that could be done to improve the standard of representation we get. I have a few ideas on this subject in fact (and no, I'm not really serious about anarchy), but that's a topic for a future blog entry.


Comment 1 (3005) by Anonymous on 2012-03-28 at 16:31:26:

Seems like you have over-reacted to a simple comment meant as a joke. Maybe it is you who is a worthless idiotic embarrassing grossly incompetent ideologically driven incapable left wing nutty buffoon!


Comment 2 (3006) by OJB on 2012-03-28 at 21:26:40:

You're not saying you think I was a bit too insulting, are you? I think politicians should expect to be criticized more than others. It's just part of their job. And I don't think the excuse that what Brownlee said was a joke makes sense. It was clearly a criticism of Finland designed to discredit the opposition. I think it does make New Zealand look bad and there should be consequences.


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