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Entry 140, on 2005-03-08 at 14:02:13 (Rating 1, Computers)

The latest Internet trend I have become involved with is podcasts. These are recorded audio of discussions, news, or opinions; which are encoded into MP3 format, and made available on the web. This material can be downloaded, and stored and played on an iPod (or other MP3 player).

The advantage of this is that its possible to keep up with new information while doing something else. For example, I'm listening to a podcast about using Macs in film production as I write this blog - so its a good example of multi-tasking. I also listen to podcasts while driving, cooking, and walking from one place to another.

I use a program called "Pod2Go" to search, download and manage podcasts, as well as other useful media for my iPod. There are many hundreds of podcasts available but most aren't really worth listening to. I have found: "IT Conversations", "Slashdot Review", "BBC4" and "Slacker Astronomy" to be some of the more useful. I will note any further useful podcasts as I discover them.

So I live in a world of digital information overload. Little time goes by without me accessing web sites, electronic mail, and podcasts. With podcasts I can be well informed by using time that would normally be wasted just driving, walking or waiting.

If you have an MP3 player you should try podcasts - there is a huge variety of topics, such as: astronomy, computing, philosophy, music, and movies. I intend to start my own sometime soon.


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