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Full Steam Ahead!

Entry 1442, on 2012-09-24 at 20:09:16 (Rating 5, Politics)

An OECD study has showed that New Zealand is near the bottom in all measures of child poverty. Why? Because since 1984 we have destroyed this country by following unworkable, unfair, and totally counter-productive neo-liberal, laissez-faire economic policies. Those policies have been implemented by by both National (who would traditionally be more enthusiastic about them) and Labour (although generally to a lesser extent, except for the 1984 so-called Labour government who started the whole thing).

Things clearly aren't working, so what does our government do? They ramp up the same policies which have been a miserable failure for over 25 years! How long do we need to follow these stupid and immoral ideas before we realise there has to be a change?

But prime minister John Key and the rest of his evil cronies don't care. The facts don't interest them in the least. They just want to continue along the ideological path they have set. It's full steam ahead for their rudderless ship which has no lookout and has no idea where it's going.

What is so great about free markets anyway? Today hundreds more people lost their jobs as another mine was closed. Ironically mining was one of the industries which this government said would save our economy. But they don't care because they aren't looking at reality. No, they're reading the latest chapter of the great book of neo-liberal ideology - straight from Cloud Cuckoo Land. Or is it now called Planet Key?

I always thought the government was here to govern, but that idea just isn't popular any more. Our government prefers just to stand to one side and watch people lose their jobs, die from preventable diseases caused by poverty, and disappear overseas to countries with more pragmatic leadership.

But according to Key and Co everything will be good. All we need is more of the same and things will improve. Would we believe such unfounded assurances from anyone else? If you bought a car from a used car salesman and it wouldn't start would you believe him when he said it would start if you just try again tomorrow? Well there's more hope of that than the Key government saving this country.

The strangest thing is that many people still want to vote for National. I can see why the rich would do that, at least the ones who don't care about anyone except themselves (the majority). I can see why conservatives would to that, because they vote National whatever the facts. But why would anyone else want to? It sure beats me!


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