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So Proud!

Entry 164, on 2005-04-27 at 18:12:06 (Rating 4, News)

Here in New Zealand we are so proud! A New Zealander has just been appointed as chief financial officer at Microsoft. That means he is third in command at the third largest company in the world - quite an achievement for someone from a small country like NZ, isn't it?

Now he will be able to participate in the worthwhile activities undertaken at Microsoft. He'll be able to help produce buggy, insecure, mediocre systems and applications. He'll be able to use misinformation and dirty business practices to kill off promising and innovative new companies. He'll be able to help Microsoft exploit its monopoly position to hold back the progress of the computer industry. He'll be part of Microsoft's political agenda to use its influence with the US government to introduce laws which favour big business, and Microsoft itself in particular.

No doubt he's getting a great salary and a lot of job satisfaction for selling his soul in this way. Still, I suppose in the business world this is just business as usual. Most successful people involved in big business seem to see it as just a big game to see if they can manipulate the system better than anyone else. Sure, in public they pretend they are offering a great service or producing a superior product, but I'm sure they don't really believe that.

Oh yes, we are all so proud.


Comment 1 (32) by Arnie on 2005-04-28 at 22:11:58:

Ohahaha... That was a good read, mate. Dripping sarcasm...


Comment 2 (33) by OJB on 2005-04-28 at 22:12:30:

You noticed the sarcasm! And I thought it was so subtle!


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