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Entry 20, on 2004-08-16 at 15:08:17 (Rating 3, News)

Recently here in NZ the police shot and killed an armed offender. This is quite a big deal because it doesn't happen much in New Zealand.

The guy was attacking his wife with a knife and had attacked one of the police as well. The attack can't have been too serious because they were both released from hospital the next day.

Anyway the cop blows this guy away with his hand gun. Fired at least 3 times, apparently - once in the head. Was this justified? I'm not sure about this one. Anyone who goes crazy with a knife has to face the consequences, but the cop was apparently out to kill.

Just to make things worse the offender was an Iraqi immigrant with a history of violence and psychiatric problems. Excessive police violence worries me.


Comment 1 (283) by wyndy on 2006-12-21 at 03:19:37:

On the tv show of police college training, trainees who showed any empathy to the simulated offender they were beating with a bat did not make the grade.

There is a culture of violence in the NZ police force that is way out of control, and the police complaints procedure for some one with plenty of problems before being a police victim will stick their head in the sand rather than take on that battle.

[Various personal experiences listed here have been removed until I can get an opinion on whether I can display them here]

This crap they talk about empathy on the news is a joke, yep I got plenty of empathy especially for some one that kills a cop but none for them, their families or for you. Its your society... enjoy!


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